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Hey, all. Welcome!  I’m just setting the site up, but an insight to my direction is getting back to basics. We have to learn what our grandparents and their parents knew to sustain their own family. You know what I’m talking about, before you ran to a fully stocked grocery chain for everything you consume and use?  I have so much to learn in my journey ahead. I hope you will join to see how my new try at vertical gardening will turn out and learn to make many of the products you buy at the store that you can make at home for pennies, not dollars.  I’m no expert. No degrees in journalism.  I’m just a suburban wife, mom and grandma. I’m learning the skills I will need if we find ourselves in a different America, relying on ourselves to produce, harvest, process and preserve the food our families need. Getting away from food preservatives and additives that can and do become toxic in our bodies.
I’m a conservative, Christian woman from the midwest, now living in the Pacific Northwest hoping to start a homestead in Texas in the next few years. I am a patriot and will defend my liberties and freedoms which are under attack, in my humble opinion.  So I hope to see you come back soon.

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